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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Day 42 - l'elephant


I have very few photo's of people on my blog.   When I do, it's usually because they're displaying open, honest, uninhibited joy or happiness (see Day's 11 and 12).  

This evening we went to Christina's birthday bash at her home.  Christina always throws a party on or around her birthday, and celebrates more enthusiastically than would seem appropriate.

I've never understood this, being a miserable old bugger on my birthday, generally, but I've always found her excitement to be cute and amusing, if not infectious.

Tonight was no exception, as you can see.   

Ok, so I framed it badly, and the flash didn't work on my intended photo...but that's cool, Christina is a professional and can turn on the smile at the wave of a camera in her face...I'm not sure how anyone can maintain this level of positive energy without being on coke.

It all seems mighty suspicious to fact, whilst I wouldn't go so far as to suggest that she's the antiChristina, could there be a little witchery going on?

Notice how the other party-goers in the photo look considerably less excited than Christina.  Look at the three expressions - which is the odd one out?  hmm?!

And yet more damning evidence - a friend of mine was at a party a couple of months ago, and spent half an hour or so chatting to Christina.  At the time he seemed mesmerised (possibly even hypnotised...entranced??), and came away from the conversation looking dazed and gleeful in equal measure, with a strange, faraway look in his eyes.  It was several days before he could concoct a coherent sentence.

Since then, his health has deteriorated rapidly, and now he's in hospital, where professors scratch their heads as they struggle to produce a diagnosis.

It's almost as though some dark force has sucked the joie de vivre out of him, and he is now withering like a flower cut off at the roots...

Amazing coincidence?  Or could it be possible that Christina is that dark force?   Does she draw in the life spirit of those around her, leaving them gasping for spiritual sustenance as she buzzes happily on their high?

Some might say that Christina is indeed the antiChristina!

Look at the picture again.  Does she look happy, or manic?

Are those the eyes of a lovely, bright, cheerful young woman, smiling at the cute little elephant?

Or an evil witch-goddess grinning maniacally at the thought of biting the baby elephants head off??

Of course I couldn't possibly suggest any such must decide for yourself...perhaps by close examination of the facts?

Fact: my friend is in hospital.   Fact: Christina seems inordinately happy.   Fact: these two things are happening at exactly the same time!

Coincidence?  Really?  


Also, Christina the facto patron saint of mental illness.

If someone was making some kind of point, it would be about now that they'd rest their case. 

Of course, I haven't made any sort of case for anything, so I'm just going to skip right along, off to bed. 

G'night all, and Happy Birthday Christina!  ;-)  x

PS ya see this is what happens when I post very late, and more than a little worse for wear...sigh...

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