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Monday, 30 June 2014

Day 198 - Eyup... duck

They say that a lot around Leicestershire way, where I used to live. 

Eyup, me duck!

It just seemed like a long winded way of saying "Hi!"...but generally I found it to be sweet and affectionate.

All that said, they weren't talking about this sort of duck at all...

This is a Mallard, a female.  She's been hanging around a bit, with her mate, for a few weeks now.

Mostly, they've been on the little pond over the road, but on several occasions recently, I've seen them on the verge over on our side of the main road...and when I got home this evening and pulled off the main road, here she was, wandering along looking a little confused and alone.  

I'm quite concerned...our landlords in their (utter lack of any kind of) wisdom (whatsoever), have employed a local farm building company to replace the septic tank and drain system at our's a long and very painful story that I won't inflict on you...

The long and short of it is that today they started in earnest, and they've completely destroyed large chunks of hedgerow and general wilderness, alongside the stream.   The amount of damage they've done in a day has to be seen to be believed...

Anyway I'm concerned that me' duck's mate has somehow become a victim of the hurricane that apparently passed through whilst we were at work today...

Here's another photo for no reason other than that I was experimenting with cropping and framing, and saved it:

walks like a duck

I'm too angry to talk about the havoc outside, so I'll just leave it there...

I will of course let you know if the drake shows up again...

Fingers crossed!


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