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Friday, 6 June 2014

Day 174 - Freedy Neet

big tree

I actually had a photo related to the D-Day Anniversary that's all over everything today (for reasons that aren't clear to me...).

But I couldn't bring myself to post it, knowing full well that I'd struggle to avoid a lengthy diatribe on the senselessness of war, and how hypocritical we are when we claim to be civilised, whilst maintaining large stocks of troops and weapons, used primarily on those our government (or their corporate paymasters) disagree with, whilst also serving as a handy means of diverting large amounts of public money into private coffers...

You see, I'm off down that road already!

Changing the subject...this beautiful big tree looked resplendent in the evening sunshine, tall and majestic.  Even though I didn't have our decent camera, I took a snapshot on my phone, to complement the growing range of trees I've featured.  

I think this one is a Scots Pine, but that's only because Anna said it if I'm wrong, it's her fault, mmkay?

Finally, in an effort to keep today's post short and sweet (I'm tired and I really want to get my freedy neet on), here's a photo of our starters from when we went out for a meal in an Italian restaurant early this evening.

what's in the bowl?

I know Kim was interested in previous food pictures, and I figure she and Roob might enjoy trying to work out what we had...or get frustrated, maybe - doesn't look that obvious to me!

Still, you know, food, or whatever...yay!


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