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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Day 284 - Old Fart

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Even the copious amounts of caffeine delivered via this lovely, big, new mug don't seem to be enough to stem the tide of lethargy and sleepiness that has overtaken me this week.

I've still got the low level lurgy/chest/sinus infection that I carried throughout our trip to Font, and I'm sure that hasn't helped...but since getting home at the weekend, I've really struggled to find the energy to do anything...or at least, anything that doesn't consist in large part of sitting in my chair (and maybe dozing off now and then).

I've barely unpacked (note to self - finish unpacking!), and haven't mown the lawns (which need doing), or been climbing (we had plans this week for some climbing challenges, but haven't had the energy, and now the weather is against us)...

Mostly I've just sat around editing video and xboxing, and apparently being distant and Anna, it appears that I'm depressed...I'm not, everything in life is good and looking better, and I'm optimistic on many fronts - new dog, new house, new job...

But I do feel flat, and as the old saying goes, like my get-up-and-go, got-up-and-went...I just feel very, very tired, and permanently sleepy (early mornings excepted, of course).

Anna did a quick bit of internet research and it seems feasible that I am, in fact, fatigued, to some degree. 

My job has been fairly relentless over the last 18 months...these days, I'm always logged on to my work account between 7.30-8am, and from then on it doesn't stop until 6pm or so...

None of it is directly very stressful, and I don't feel stressed as a rule...but it does involve a constant and steady stream of demands from every direction that, over time, has led to me feeling drained and out of reserves.

My sleep has been all over the place for months and months now...I can't stay awake mid-evening, and have fallen asleep through many a film of late...and yet I'm often awake between 5-7am, and end up getting up at this time even on the weekend.

I do push the envelope pretty hard, as you know - I climb often, do other exercises at home, and rarely shy away form a physical challenge such as driving to France, climbing all day every day for 6 days, then driving home again.

And importantly, I am, you know, a bit of an old fart...

Still, the good news is that a good step towards improvement of all this is to stop eating everything that I eat and drink (because they're what I like to eat and drink), and simply replace them with all the things I don't currently eat and drink (because I don't like to eat and drink them).

So that's, ya know, awesome...



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