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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Day 269 - Ode to Jazz

RIP JazzyB

This evening, we bade farewell to our lovely old boy Jazz, with a little remembrance ceremony up in the woods he so loved.

I carved his name into a tree, just below the carving I made for his brother, late last year...we lit a candle, and crouched in the fading light, weeping as we reminisced over JazzyB, the happiest, friendliest dog you could wish to meet. 


Sprinkling some ashes (to join with his brother in nurturing this fine old tree), we told tales that reminded us how much we love and miss many tales...

Anna wrote and read these lovely words, which somehow get to the heart of who Jazz was...

Ode To Jazz   By Anna, aged 34

our boys

My Jazzy boy

When I first met Jazz, I found it hard to tell him apart from his brother. I chose to distinguish them, initially, on physical characteristics. Think of stiff legs, a tucked in tail, submissive posture, noisy snuffle when playing 'hunt the treat', and you have Jazz...but also think of a dog that was so gentle, so pleased to see people and loved to demonstrate this by bringing you the oldest, smelliest slipper he could find and it'll bring a big smile to your face when you think of the real Jazz!

Jazz lived up to his name! He was the life and soul of the party, mostly because the party had lots of food and he wanted to be in the middle of it...but also 'cos he loved everybody and everybody loved Jazz, how could you not? If we took him for a walk in the woods he'd launch himself into any pond or water body he could find. Sometimes without even checking if there was any water in it first! Then he'd find a scrappy old stick and carry it all the way home, all the while being super impressed with himself.

Jazz would be happy with you, he'd be excited with you, he'd chill out with you and he'd be sad with you. Jazz loved company and he especially loved Tony. Jazz was Tony's shadow. If Tony was sat in his chair, Jazz would be lying by his feet...unless I was in the kitchen cooking dinner!

Jazz had this uncanny ability to fall asleep on anything, anywhere...quite often with his eyes open, with his head hanging off the edge of the sofa, snoring. Sometimes he did the same things whilst awake, cos who cares, right? Even Loz didn't mind as they would often curl up on the sofa side by side, tails touching.

Jazz didn't bark much, that was Bluez' job. Jazz was smart, he'd just join in when it really mattered...or otherwise barely raise an eyebrow.  "No need to move from this comfy spot just yet, is there? No, didn't think so...Bluez is onto it...I'll wait here for a bit, see how things pan out".

Sometimes Jazz would just know what you were thinking. It's like some kind of mind meld; it was surreal and I loved it!

All food was Jazz's favourite and to Jazz, all people were brilliant.  But only now do I really understand why Jazz and Tony were best's because they both live life to the same mantra:

"everything can be improved with cheese"

Thanks for being my awesome Jazzy boy.

me and jaybles

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