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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Day 273 - Allé à France

plus three

Sorry folks, but this is going to be another short one today...I'm really quite brain-fried after a fairly draining journey.

I was awake at 5am this morning, and couldn't get back off to sleep, despite feeling very tired and really quite poorly. By 5.30 I had given up hope of getting back to sleep, so got up and started preparing for a 7am departure.

We got away fairly well - it was 7.05 as we drove out of our little car park.

We collected Jezz near Heathrow, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect...less than 30 seconds after we arrived at the long stay car park, a transit van pulled up behind us, and out popped Jezz, who had been offered a lift with all of his stuff.

We stopped to fill up with diesel, and then for the loo and a coffee on the M25, before heading down to Folkestone to the Eurotunnel in very good time.

We arrived at The Chunnel at 10.30, nicely in time for our 11.20 train...

...only to find that a train had broken down in the tunnel, and so there would be a 2.5 hour delay.

The sign above was showing the waiting times...we were booked onto train G, which wasn't even showing on the agenda, even though we'd been there for a couple of hours and our train was already over an hour late.

The 2.5 hour delay turned into a three hour delay, which was closely followed by a sat-nav nightmare, which ultimately led to us approaching Paris from an unexpected direction...the road was tight and poor, there was a lot of traffic, and constant speed bumps, and before long Anna (who was taking a stint in the back), was ready to throw up...

We ended up stuck in crazy traffic on le peripherique...and I mean, crazy!  So much aggressive, big city driving!

We eventually got to the gite in la Chapelle la Reine, at's now approaching 10pm, I'm losing my voice, and I'm very snotty!

So, some stats:

Hours sleep last night - 4
Hours journeying - 12.5
Miles driven - 400
Hours stuck at bloody Folkestone - 4
Coffee consumed - plenty
Sat-nav provoked profanities - many!

Long day, long journey...but here we are in Font!  Tomorrow is a new day, I'll ignore the lurgy as best I can...and we'll go climb some boulders!

And if my voice carries on the way it's going, the others will have an extra-peaceful day!


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