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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Day 266 - Clean Getaway


Continuing the increasingly excited Font preparation, today I cleaned the car inside and which of course I mean I paid someone else to clean it inside and out, whilst I had a delicious sausage and egg baguette in the charming Fat Birds Cafe.

We have an 8 hour door to door journey to get there, in a car loaded to the gunnels with climbing gear, food, bouldering mats, gadgets and people, two of whom are pretty it only seemed polite to make sure that the car is clean and tidy and least to start with!

Anna took hers too, as it's grubby from a full seasons bat-bothering, and we went to grab a coffee whilst we waited.  But the Fat Birds Cafe turned out to have far too tempting a menu, and the service was very friendly and attentive, so we ended up having a late breakfast...and very nice it was too!

Speaking of fat birds, as I was clearing the cars out prior to taking them for a valet, Anna came out to tell me that another swallow was stuck in the house.

can you help me out?

After chasing him around upstairs for a bit, I eventually cornered him in the main bedroom, and opened all the windows.  He seemed reluctant to fly low enough to get to the open window, which was perhaps due to our presence...

certainly, which way did you come in?

After a few minutes he seemed tired to the extent that he allowed me to approach very close to take a portrait of him...

yeah, funny guy...

We decided that maybe he was a little stressed, and left him to find his way out.

When I checked again an hour later, he was gone, presumably none the worse for wear.

I love all these little episodes of unexpected encounters with the local fauna...saving mice from the cats, helping birds to overcome their inability to understand windows, finding evidence of boar and badger and fox, and the endless supply of passing bird, mammal, insect and reptile life.

Living in the countryside is such an endless delight...

Please let me never live in a city again!


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