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Monday, 15 September 2014

Day 275 - They Have a Cave Troll

behind you

It was a glorious day in the forest today - bright and shady, warm and cool, tiring and invigorating, tranquil and challenging...

When we were in Font this time last year, Anna and I had done the first half of a fabulous Orange circuit at an area of the forest known as Haute Plaines in Isatis, not far outside the town of Fontainebleau itself.   

As it happens to run alongside a yellow circuit, which Jezz was interested in doing, and in reverse order (that is, the orange circuit finishes where the yellow starts) it seemed like a good pick, and sure enough, we had a brilliant day.

Anna and I finished the Orange circuit, which was just as much fun as we remembered it...and Jezz did half of the yellow circuit in a final prep day for his 40@40@Font Challenge, which is currently scheduled for tomorrow.

Some of the problems Anna and I did today were a bit harder than yesterday, and so Anna had her game face on...


This was also handy for scaring off the giant cave troll in the red vest top that was hanging about all day (see top photo)...

We saw a brilliant green sand lizard as we walked into the forest, the biggest lizard I've ever seen in the wild, I think...and it was around about this time I realised I'd forgotten the camera (although not very helpfully, I did have the heavy lenses in my backpack).  Jezz had his camera, but of course not the right lens...and conveniently he has Canon and we have Nikon, so they're incompatible.


Still, I borrowed Jezz's camera to get this cool shot of a spider...

harry the spider

Check out the amazing bokeh on this, that's a nice lens of Jezz's!

Speaking of which, today I sub-contracted out the boulder that looks like something else photo for today to Jezz, who promptly found a submarine...

Good work, buddy!


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