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Friday, 5 September 2014

Day 265 - So It Begins

get packing

I'm going to bank on the fact that nobody's listening on a Friday night, and keep this one relatively short.

This evening, I found myself starting to pack for Font...we're not even going until a week tomorrow!

The thing is, I've been gradually gathering odd bits and bobs, and they've been accumulating on my desk, to the point where I'm getting annoyed by all the junk.

There's a travel plug, some headlight deflectors, a magnetic GB Sticker...then there's a bunch of memory sticks, an assortment of camera equipment - lenses, tripods, filters, power adapters...a collection of climbing books, maps, a notepad.  

And some gaffer tape, obviously!

So I went up to the loft and found an empty crate, and started to put all these odds and ends into it...then realised that I'm packing a week early...I had already considered that the crate could go straight in the car with whatever hardware needs to come with us...laptops, ipads, kindles, the camera, and power chargers of various types...

Is it too soon to start getting excited about my holiday?  I'm so ready for it, it's not even funny...and because we so fell in love with La Foret, I'm extra-eager to be there again. 

We've been discussing our climbing goals for the trip...

Anna, showing surprising ambition, wants to have a rest day (like that'll happen).

Jezz has his 40@40@Font Challenge, which I have a side-mission to support him on. 

My own mission is to climb a Grade 6a boulder problem.   The scale goes 3, 3+, 4, 4+, 5, 5+, 6A, 6A+, 6B, 6B+, 6C, 6C+, 7A etc...last year we climbed many 3's and 4's, and two 5's and one 5+...this year I want to go one better and bag a 6A, which is a classic bouldering grade, and in some ways the gateway grade to serious bouldering in Fontainebleau. 

Don't get me wrong, my ambition is not to climb seriously, far from it.   Mostly I just want to climb boulders that are challenging but doable - and that means 3's and 4's.

But an actual Font 6A would be a nice little tick from my 50@50 Challenge list. 

Of course, Anna now wants to climb a 6A be honest, I think there's far more chance of her getting up one than me...but we'll see...

The fun is in the trying...

Bring it on!


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