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Friday, 29 August 2014

Day 258 - Party Time

house of fun

So it's the end of another long week, at last...Friday night, 8pm, and we find ourselves here doing our weekly shop!

I'm really not sure how to cope with the excitement...other than by completely over-indulging, and spending far more than is strictly necessary, simply to compensate ourselves for having to go shopping on a Friday night!   

Shopping hungry is always a dangerous game, on any day of the on a Friday night, when already demob happy for the weekend, with any hint of caution long since thrown to the wind, is just asking for trouble...

But then I like living dangerously, so it kinda suits me...

Anyway yep, it's now 9.30pm...I'm still hungry (dinner is in the oven though, at least!), I've been on the go since logging in to work at 7.30am, and I'm very, very tired.

Can it be actual Friday night proper now, please?  You know, the bit where I can have a drink and some nice food and fall asleep in front of a film I really want to watch?

Pretty please?

Coming right up...


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