In which I take a photo every day that I'm 50, and post it here on this blog, with a bit of related blurb.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Day 250 - Natural Order


Of the many themes that have emerged from this series of blogs, perhaps the most disturbing and familiar is...death.

A somewhat grim subject I suppose - I'll resist employing my usual tactic of linking to all earlier related posts...there's just so much of it!

I wonder whether there's an age factor - is it just a time of my life where I'm more likely to encounter the reaper?

Certainly living a country life is a factor, as these photo's (and many earlier ones) so graphically's specific theme is deconstruction or decomposition or decay (or maybe some other word starting with de-)...

The photo above is a rat in a fairly late stage of decomposition.  It must have lain there for quite a while to have decayed so, although I suspect the local carrion have had a good go at it....made a bit of a meal of it, you might say. 

On the other hand, this poor little vole has been summarily squidged to death on the road...


Whilst grisly and unpleasant, I can, in the main, handle these constant little reminders of the fundamental brutality of mammalian's all the other stuff that's a bit trickier.

In the last twelve months, I've lost my two most loyal and constant companions - first Bluez last Autumn, then Jazz this Summer...both of these were hard to bear (albeit in very different ways), and I still miss them like crazy. 

The tenth anniversary of my sister's death passed by a few weeks ago, and that led to much bitter-sweet reminiscence, with a side order of subdued pondering, and all served on a bed of subtle melancholy.

My dad's not been well either, I understand, although that's a very long story that I'm not proposing to go into.

Maybe 50 is simply that age where you become increasingly aware of your own mortality...I don't know.

My life is pretty damn great (see the rest of this blog for details), so I don't wish to come across as being unduly morbid...I love my life, and I love my little pack (primarily my alpha packette Anna, natch), even if I seem to be going through a (bizarrely literal) rocky patch with our home and garden just lately.

And yet along with all that proverbial love, death is also in the air...

But it's all part of the natural order of things, so I can live (and eventually die) with that.


Bonus PS...I just remembered spotting this little fella sitting stride his own personal, custom built death trap late last night...I took this photo from sitting in my chair...thank goodness for zoom lenses!


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