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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Day 235 - Our House

in the corner of our field

Since our garden was trashed by the cowboy contractors, this is a much better view of our house. 

It's the nearest one in this photo, hunkered down and hiding away behind the wild hawthorn hedgerow in the corner of the wheat field.

They harvested half of this field two nights ago...throughout the evening, until well after dark, the harvesting went on, and our little house sat there under a cloud of dust. 

For reasons unknown (presumably the weather?) they've not been back since, and the field remains half cut. 

We took the opportunity to wander along to the line of trees where Barney the Barn Owl used to live.  We were hoping for signs of him, although without any particular hope - we've not seen him this year. 

Whilst there I took this shot, which is the reverse of the Hole in the Hedgerow shot that has featured a few times in these can just make out the pale glint of my car through the hole on the horizontal mid-line of this photo, a fifth or so in from the right edge. 

Unfortunately, we couldn't get around to the side of the owl tree where the entrance holes are, as the ditch and surrounding undergrowth were too...well, overgrown!

We did find this brilliant little cave in the bottom of a tree though...

cosy cave

Something had managed to drag a load of hay in there, making a cosy little bed.  Badger is most likely, I suppose...or fox?  Maybe Muntjac deer, we've seen those along here in the past.

This may be a good place to site our trailcam, once they've been back and finished harvesting.

As we wandered back, a large passenger plane was taking a north westerly route, quite low in the sky:


This is highly unusual - the normal passenger flight path is North to South, and quite high...the military flightpath is East to West or vice versa.

As we watched, it banked steeply northwards...being so low and so large, it must have been heading to Birmingham Airport

Anyway, to finish off a somewhat rambling and fairly pointless post, I'll mention that we did Week 1, Day 2 of our 6 week 20 Pull-up Challenge this evening.

I had to do sets of 4, 3, 3, 4 and 5 pull-ups, with only 90 seconds rest between sets.  It sounds fairly straightforward, I suppose, but it was actually really hard.  The last two pull-ups in particular were really very hard, and I only just about got enough range of motion on the last one.  

I suppose that's how it should be - those are the ones that will convince my body that it needs to get stronger.  

The previous 17 pull-ups were all just setting up those last two!


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