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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Day 243 - Gardening Buddy

tiny ball of cute

This is a really terrible photo, but it has proven quite difficult to get a shot of this little chap, so I'm claiming it! 

He's one of our local wrens, and I just happened to notice him in the hedgerow this morning (I say him, I've no idea of gender, in truth...).  

After admiring his cuteness for a couple of minutes, I suddenly realised I was missing  a golden opportunity to make another addition to my Different Species collection.

I dashed back with the camera, as bleary eyed as you'd expect before 8 in the morning, and rattled off a couple of grainy, badly focussed shots. 

Honestly, I've no idea what I was doing with the camera...

On the first shot the aperture stayed open for ages, so my mind went into spasm trying to debug that little problem.  The only thing I could think was errrrrm, f-stop?

So I wheeled the f-stop to the opposite end from where it started, and this seemed to help.

Unfortunately it didn't help with my framing or my ability to see clearly.  

The net result of all of which is this reasonably poor shot of a really lovely little bird.

Wrens are tiny birds - I think only goldcrest are smaller in the UK.  They are remarkably noisy, and can sometimes be seen sitting on a gatepost giving off loud, strident peeps, and doing an amusing little dip with each call.  I guess this is a territorial other times they sing beautifully with a clear, high tone.

Anyway we regularly have them around our garden, and they often nest in the ivy outside our bathroom window. 

I'm very fond of them...they seem, along with the robin, like my little gardening buddies, that hang around chirping encouragement (on the odd occasion that I'm out there working without noisy machinery). 

But they flit about a lot, and I never seem to see them at an appropriate moment.

So even though the photo is sub par, I'm pleased to have finally got a snap of one.

In other news, TFI(nearly)F...I'm tired and hoping to catch up on sleep sometime soon...


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