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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Day 116 - Amazingly Random

unseasonably dark

After a fairly good run over recent weeks, I'm suddenly short of interesting new photo least, it feels that way.

It's tricky, after a long and busy day at work, to then find another subject...especially now, nearly 4 months into this thing...I exhausted all the ideas I'd been saving for a rainy day, before I ran out of rainy days...doh!

So today, I took my phone with me when we walked old JazzyBoy down the lane, and looked around for any kind of perspective.  I didn't get much, to be honest, except for this odd, dark, landscape.   I'm sure it didn't look like this at the time!

The unusual light is creepily atmospheric, and even though, technically, it's a horrible photo, I quite like it. 

I am vaguely concerned that my blog from the last couple of days has a slightly dark tone...and I'm having to resist the urge tonight, too...probably work stress and tiredness catching up a bit...

I think I need to climb!

I had a physically strenuous bouldering session at the weekend, which was great, but I could do with the same again.

Having said that, if it's mental stress that needs blowing away, then a climb outdoors would be the way to go...the breeze up on the gritstone edges of the Peak District really are wondrous for clearing the mind and soothing the soul.

I just had a look back to see what I was doing a year ago...mid April last year, I spent a day at Cratcliffe in the south eastern Peak.

unseasonably sunny

Climbing on grit is a law unto itself.  I spent a fantastic day playing on these boulders on my own - and for the first time started to get a feel for how to approach this rough, hold-less rock.  I was so pleased at my breakthrough that I had to take Anna back there ten days later.

Fortunately, Anna had a similar experience, and these two days really kickstarted our grit climbing adventures...good times!

Incidentally, you know that post yesterday where I talked about how you can choose what to think, and thus how to feel?   Well, did you spot how I gave you an example of that in this post?

And I had no intent so to do!  

The way it opened seemed negative, filled with foreboding, and the post threatened to descend into bleak depression...until I deliberately turned my mind away from all that, and toward more invigorating, uplifting thoughts.  

I even used a (too) sunny photo to help the cause. 

Today at work I was charged with being "amazingly random" (which I chose to take as a compliment!)...well, there's method in my works!

Look =>  :-D


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