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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Day 354 - Halogen Heater Hogs

soggy sunrise

Sunrise through melting ice-water...there's a photo it hadn't occurred to me to pursue for my blog!

I nearly missed it, to be truthful...I got in the car, switched on the electric windscreen heater, and sat for a moment, marvelling as the icy glass gradually cleared to reveal the lovely morning sun.

As I waited for it to clear, I suddenly realised I was missing a great photo opp, which was rapidly disappearing as the ice melted.

I'm not sure I quite caught the beauty of it as I saw it at the time, but it's a nice effect nonetheless. 

Of course, it was long dark by the time I arrived home at nearly 7pm, so there was no chance of the evening equivalent.

However, in the house, I found they were playing Fantasy Sunset.

You remember that electric halogen heater I mentioned yesterday?  Well as I wasn't home the fire wasn't lit - and therefore, there was a queue for said heater.

Queen Loz was first in line, as you'd expect...

warm me!

As soon as Loz vacated the spot, The Treacle SpongeBob moved in for his turn, with his trusty sidekick, The Big Yellow Snake, in his mouth...

what, me? no, it just fell out...

The Boy Wonder, in all his wondrousness, has decided that the appropriate course of action to take with his indestructible, dog-proof, ruff'n'tuff(tm) stuffed snake, is to tear a hole in it and de-stuff it, sharpish. 

This is apparently endlessly amusing, not least as the crazy synthetic stuffing seems to go on forever!

As a nice little bonus, once a decent pile of stuffing has been thus acquired, it can be immediately re-purposed as a handy chin-rest...


Being at the back of the queue, as I am, I don't even bother fighting for my turn at the heater...but that's ok because:

I am man, I bring fire!  B-)

I just get the actual fire going, that kicks out some proper heat!

...and then I can't get near it for the rest of the evening as it's utterly hogged by Anna and the Animals (another good band name right there!).

On a final note for the day, you may have noticed a new feature down the right of this page, below the Popular Posts section - Labels.

I went back to the beginning of my blog, and started applying labels to each post indicating their content.   The Labels display shows them in cloud format, where the size of the word is representative of the number of times that label has been applied. 

I'm going to try to add a few more labels each night, and see if I can get caught up by the time I finish the blog in...ooh, only about 11 or 12 posts time!

I'm very curious to see what patterns will emerge!


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