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Monday, 8 December 2014

Day 359 - A Dog's Life

chill, dawg

This was taken at 1am this morning, and features The Boy Wonder, falling asleep whilst reading Siddhartha by Herman Hesse.

I haven't read it, so can't looks interesting, so I'll have to read it at some point...

As I enter my final week of this epic quest that I've been on with my daily blog, I find myself looking back over the year...I'm constantly learning about myself as I become aware of certain trends and patterns in my life...the emerging labels are also an interesting reflection of the elements of which my life is fundamentally made.

Certain characteristics arise, subtley, over time, and one of these is happiness...I complain about very little through this blog, and I rarely express dissatisfaction or misery or depression. 

In some ways, it's been a really bad year - losing the good Sir Jazzy B was an intense low that lingers with me still...and the year began with intense lingering pain for My Boy Bluez...

Yet as gutted about losing them as I remain, I'm also profoundly grateful to have had thirteen brilliant years with the young pups/old fellas, and I have many sweet memories of them in our happy home.

Speaking of which, we also had the drainage debacle, which really upset our Summer to a significant degree...but that makes me realise how lucky we are, here in the First World, to be able to live somewhere like this in the first place.

But as I flick through earlier posts whilst labelling each one, I'm struck anew that my life seems to be built on a fundamental foundation of contentment.  

Check this out...

mo' mirrors

This time, Loz has mirrored Wonderboy (she was last in), which leads me to think that maybe it's inadvertent in this case...but still, a contented looking bunch, eh?

And rightly so, dozing off by a nice warm fire in the midst of your pack?  Brilliant!

I would have included another photo which has Anna more in the frame, but she looked at me like this:

she's got the look

I like the warm tones in this shot, if not in that I'd better not post that one, then...

Oops, too late! Sorry, hun... ;-)

Anyway, it's clear that my blog, and therefore my life is filled with Anna and Kim, and home and garden, and dogs and cats, and climbing and adventures, and birds and bees, and green and red. 

How could I not be happy? 

Finally, continuing the new-found End of Day shots tradition (which started last night), Anna took a couple of beauties whilst walking Spongebob this afternoon:


Lovely light, and very cool silhouettes...and they really do seem to fit nicely into the dusk of my blog...

end of day

I'm really pleased to have some quality photos in my last few nicely opposes the amateurish nature of the first week's efforts!

Anyway, the point of all that is, I suppose:

I'm reet lucky, me!


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